October 29th, 2007

song title

hey everyone!
there are 2 songs from TIME album tat's written in kanji..n i want to know what it is..
06 太陽の世界
11 風

hope someone can translate these for me..heeee..;)
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[Question] Kiiroi Namida English Subs

Hello minna!~

Urm..not sure if its a stupid question, but are there English subtitles for Kiiroi Namida available for download? If yes, can any kind soul point me to where to get them? Or any hard subbed video? I know the DVD has English subtitles!

I have some .smi subtitle file from clubbox, but they turn out to be weird unreadable characters ;;__;; could be Korean ne?

Though it's nice watching the raw, I would love to really understand what they are exactly saying.. Onegai! *bows*
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