November 25th, 2007

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[Scans] How's it going Concert 2003 Pamphlet

Konbawa minna-chan!
Today, bringing you Arashi "How's it going" 2003 concert pamphlet scans.
As the book also includes, on the right side, some stuff, when you clik on it, you can hear a message from each members, I've also uploaded it.


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All scans are 300dpi.

( ハシリダセ )

Ohno (Kokuritsu)

Coming Through Coming Through

I used a couple caps I took from the Typhoon Generation PV and caps from the first episode of Yasashii Jikan. :P My caps from YJ are terrible, I never seem to capture the right moments. Lol. I'll work on that. The Taifuu caps were awesome though. XDD It's like everyone was on crack.

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- Credit hakka_candy in the userpics info.

Scan/Texture/Brush Credits:

( One Time, Two Time )
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Scanlation : Duet-Nov 2007

up next, my second scanlation, Arashi all together interview in Duet - Nov 2007.. making scanlation and editing it, is fun to me, even it needs a llittle effort..

by the way, can i say, even they look so simple and more relax in this photoshoot, they still look kakkoii! XD

credits : 

[info]mori (for raw scan),  

* if anyone want me to do scanlation, just let me know..give me raw scan and translation..i'm happy and try my best to do it! XD

( Arashi goodness )

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Ohno Satoshi 27th Bday Fanvid

Hello to everyone in this community... as I'm sure every knows today (in Japan) it is our wonderful Ohno Satoshi's 27th birthday... and so I would like to present him (and the community:P) with a fan video I made for him on this special day. I can only hope that he happens to wander youtube searching for fanvideos about himself XD please take a look and enjoy^^

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