December 11th, 2007

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Hello Minna..

This is my first time posting here since I just joined.. I would like to know if anybody has Matsumoto Jun 20th birthday song in mp3 version?? I have downloaded the video itself but not mp3.. Can you please please upload it on MF or Sendspace if you ave it please?? I've been searching for it for  a long time.. Onegai..

Thank you in advance..
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Question~ :)

Hmm...  question. How long has it been since the last Arashi friending meme? 

My friend and I want to make one, but we didn't want to do one if there's already been a recent one and we tried digging through old entries to see just how recent was the last one but we didn't get too far (since we had work and etc.). I'd be nice to meet new people who share the same interests considering I'm fairly new to the community (and to LJ in general). :)