~HannaH~ (arashilovezs) wrote in a_ra_shi,

ST Release: NatsuNiji Promos - Super News + Shiritagari

Hello Hello ^^

We're bringing you more promos of NatsuNiji~
A goodie to lure you in~

Don't tell me that none of you has this image of Junjun-chan in your heart/dreams~

Head on to our comm sora_takaku  to follow the JunJun cloud~ Or should I say rainbow?

And here, we'd like to extend a shout for help~ *being overly dramatic*
Our team is slowly but surely growing and we're at the stage where we'd like to welcome new members to our team!
Current position that are open are:
Translators (Japanese to English OR Chinese to English) 
We aim to grow together so anyone who wants to learn together with us, please do send in an application~
New translators/timers are welcome as we have more experienced members who are willing to guide ^^
Please send your applications to sora5takaku@gmail.com ^^
If you can't send it by email, please PM Puffy-chan (puffymoto).
We'll be waiting~ ^^
Tags: video (subtitled - english)

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