January 1st, 2008

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Happy New Year~

Random bits about the Countdown Concert - Ohno wore these damn scary sparkly glasses in the shape of the numbers "2008" at some point. MatsuJun had one of those bizarre "I'm wearing a tablecloth around my waist" skirt things, which oddly made his hipwiggling very very, uh, pronounced. They did a lot of the announcements of other groups, actually, and when Aiba introduced Kanjani8, he also tried to either hide behind one of the mics or steal it. I'm not sure which. ^^;

Scanlation: Arashi in Duet-Jan 2008

Hi! happy new year!

today i'm posting another new scanlation of Arashi all together in Duet-Jan 2008..as  always, the translation is done by nyanchan..please checkout her LJ for the original translation and thanks her ne.. and the HQ scan is provided by arashi.vox..both my thanks and credits goes to both of them..

the scanlation, here
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Johnny's Countdown 2007-2008 Capspam

I wrote a description of the whole Johnny's Countdown, complete with screencaps for my blog and I thought I'd share it in my LJ. Although most people are most probably watching the show like crazy and repeating it over and over, like... um... me. BUT its fun writing.

So yeah.

*Note: This is a bandwidth killer. No, a brutal bandwidth killer.
I am not sure if I tagged this correctly, because i wonder if this is a report... Sorry if I did this wrongly or that this entry is not allowed.

Oh and of course, for those who want to be surprised, this contains spoilers for the show.