January 2nd, 2008

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Question and Request Pics

Hi! ^^

Sorry bother you guys

can anyone answer me which member is under Jun-kun? Oh-chan or Sho-chan??? @_@...
It's Sho-chan.

And anyone have the rest of this photoshoot?? Upload it to me please! m(__ __)m I only have this Sho-chan pic from the photoshoot.

Nino adjfl;asjfd

(no subject)

I just wanted to share this really quickly before I leave for my trip...
My brother does the editing on a manga a scanlation group (Strays) translates called, "My Balls" XD;;. I don't know what it's about or anything about it at all, but there was a small mention of Arashi, KAT-TUN, and Tackey (no love for Tsubasa). XD

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It took me a minute to figure out which one was Aiba because the drawing of him isn't very good, but everyone else is easy to identify.

Feel free to share in other communities- just credit Strays, please!


first of all happy new year!

next, a desperate plea lol ORZ

does anyone have scans of winkup 2008 message board?? i'm dying to read chinen's reply to nino's question. and also if sho replied to his personal stalker, taisuke of kiss-my-ft2. kino lied and the shipment came on earlier than what they told me. now its all gone. if not, ohno+kitty should be already up on my wall


pls help, thank you very very much.
shadow ; jun

French fanlist

hey minna! how have you been lately???
yesterday i've read (like a lot of you i guess XD) the translation of nyanchan where the boys are something like speaking about "why not a show in Paris" and goofing around XD
since I'm french i wanted to know how many people in my country were part of the fandom in order to send this number to the boys *hope there will be at least 700 people!! ^^"* and to show them their popularity here ^^
i got a french blog which is a bit visited so I started doing a fanlist there and i just want to pass the information.
i would like to send the email w/ the number not to late so i've put a deadline on the 3rd of February. So... as i know a lot of french fans don't go on french sites i'll just pass the information on one or two community, just to tell (in order to gather people XDDD).
if someone already done a french fanlist (which i didin't find on google) please tell me :)

here you are

sorry to bother, if not allowed please, mod-sama, delete the post ^^" m(_ _)m

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