January 4th, 2008

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About Arashi in Paris 2008

Hi! i think most of you heard about Arashi mentionning a possible concert in Paris in 2008.

So I made a big compilation post about what everyone can do to make this happen (especially writing to them, joining the fanlists, especially the French and European ones).

( Please, spread the word about this )

The more we'll be, the better we'll be closer to have them making the next step.
We have nothing to lose!
Blank stares

Request: Ohno Satoshi SCP

Hello minna..

Can I know if anyone have Ohno Satoshi Shounen Club Premium video that is subbed [english]?? I have been searching for it but epic failed.. :(  If someone has it, can you please upload it on MF or SS?? Cause MU totally fail on me and Divshare totally lag on me.. T.T
Pretty please I wanna watched it with sub..

Thank you so much in advance.. :))
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Icon Love

Akihabara@DEEP (9)
Anna-Tsuchiya (8)
Arashi (24)
BoA (11)
HanaKimi (16)
Ikuta Toma (34)
Miyavi (5)
Narimiya Hiroki (18)
Oguri Shun (58)
Yamada Taro Monogatari (7)
Other Icons (10)

*I posted these icons in the following communities: arashi_on, a_ra_shi, arashi_daily, arashi_icon_luv, ikuta_toma, and oguri_shun*

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