January 5th, 2008

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Arashi Fan Map

So, I've been curious about this for a really long time: how spread out IS the Arashi love? I know I'm in a depressing little corner of the United States, but there are people in Europe, in Russia, in South America, and obviously Japan. I want to know where everyone is.

And since I'm something of a visual learner, I really wanted to stick pins on a map to represent it. But because that would be horribly tedious as well as rather intrusive to people's privacy, I just made one of those Maploco map things. (In rainbow colors, of course. :D)

So if you consider yourself an Arashi fan, or are even just a little curious, go ahead and stop by the little map-post I made and check it out. Arashi is supposed to take the world by storm, after all. Let's see how far they've gotten!

The post is HERE. Please stop by and make your mark! :)
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Midi files

I uploaded a bunch of Johnny's midi files at my journal including Arashi so to those interested check them out. I use them as my ring tone because sometimes I don't want the mp3 versions of certain songs. Hope you find them useful!