January 6th, 2008


Hi all it's me again, requesting for some piano sheet!

I'm very interested in playing arashi's songs on piano, but I think it'll be kind of hard to get the score books from kinokuniya, compared to kinki kids.

So, I'm here!

My most interested one would be Niji and Blue :)

Guitar tabs and chords would be great as well. Please help!

Divshare Downloads of Magazine Scans

In November 2007, I posted for the first time. This is another batch of scans! I shared these on VOX and decided to share the links here. [I don't update my LJ as much as I do on VOX as a warning] They're older issues because I haven't scanned in current issues. For crediting purposes, you can credit the groups or me... whichever you remember. ;)

Enjoy! =D

H - Apr. 2007 - Arashi
Kindai - June 2007 - Arashi
Jyosei Jishin (03-29-07) - Arashi
Myojo - July 2007 - Arashi
Potato - July 2007 - Arashi & Jun Matsumoto
Popolo - Nov 2007 - Arashi
Popolo - June 2007 - Arashi
Oricon Style - May 2007 - Arashi
Oricon Style (09/17/07) - Arashi
Oricon Style (07/16/07) - Arashi
Oricon Style (06/05/07) - Arashi
Oricon Style (05/07/07) - Arashi & HYD
Myojo - June 2007 - Arashi

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*Pikanchi* My Brother, the Arashi Fanboy

He's only 7, and yet he tries to sing in Japanese, AND dance like Ohno.

It's a little crazy..mostly entertaining. Reason why is because..well he's a slow child..literally..he doesn't talk at school, and he doesn't have a lot of friends, but Arashi seemed to bring him out of his shell. They do have the power to do that, don't they? He's not that good at talking in general, so when he tries to sing Japanese, it's like he's making up his own "Japanese" words. He really does think he has the words right, when he really doesn't. Because even when the words are Engrish, he thinks they're Japanese. XD

Here he is, performing "Pikanchi"