January 7th, 2008

*We Can Make It* The 7 yr old, Arashi Jr.

I was surprised that his video would receive so many comments. XD
I think that I will try and upload a new video every day since that's how long it takes for me to upload to Veoh.

Okay..this was the very first video we made, so that's why it's really crappy in the beginning.
We were having some...technical difficulties.
And you'll need to excuse my friend, Wendy.. She's just like Aiba in concert, and feels the need to sing every single part...especially Nino's parts. *glares*

The rapping part is probably something to look forward to.. and he attempts to do the dance.

"How do you pause this thing?!" "Stop tickling me!"

Past videos:

studying so hard; aiba

Wink Up February 2008 Translations

Hi. I started translating the "Cherish" article from the scans provided by bitethelove (Hope that was all right to use your scans to do this; well, I'm sure you don't mind, right? ^^)

Anyway, for now I just have Nino and Aiba's pages done. I plan on having the other three finished within the week. Check them out here!
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