January 8th, 2008

*Hadashi no Mirai* My 7 yr old, Arashi Jr.

All of the comments that has come in...I must thank all of you guys for it.
I actually read them to him. It made him happy...
I think he got a little confused though, and thought that all of your comments were from Arashi.
Hmm...I'm really bad at lying, so I just stared at him and looked away.
Then he says, "Did Arashi heard of me now?! Did they heard of me?!"
*mumbles* "...the fans did..." *mumbles*
"What are fams?!"
"What are fans?"
"People that like Arashi!"
"....ohhhh...OH.. ME!"
lol.."no kidding."

Thank you for all the comments. It motivated him a lot...*sigh* and he made me film more. XD

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We Can Make It
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Hello everyone, only my second post in the community. XD Though trying my best to provide back. I'll post some icons and banners soon.

Okay, here is my question... I have wanted to buy Arashi merchandise, such as CDs and DVDs, for quite some time now. My only thing is the fear of buying something and I don't have the ability to play it. Well, I live in the U.S. and I am aware of the Region Codes for the U.S. and Japan are different. I don't believe I have a DVD player that supports All Regions. Would it be possible to play it on my computer? What about if I have a North American (U.S.) PS3?

Oh and one more thing. I was wondering if Arashi ever performed Sketch Live? And if so, does anyone know where I can watch/download the performance?

I would really appreciate some enlightenment on my questions and thank you for you time. ^^

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this is my first post!! i don't know how to start a good post, so i do it on my own way, sorry if there's something doesn't good. after watching johnny's countdown 2007-2008, i really want to watch johnny's countdown 2006-2007 or earlier. anyone know where to DL it??
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