January 14th, 2008

Blank stares

Request: Arashi, Hero

Hello people..

This is my second post in this community..
Seriously, I have been looking for Arashi, Hero in mp3 format but epic failed.. :(
Can any kind Arashi fan soul please upload it if you have it??
MF server is preferred though..

Thank you so much in advance!! :))
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couch potato; ohno

Ohno's butai

I guess Ohno has a butai coming up with Satou Atsuhiro called Amatsukaze. March 21-April 7 in Tokyo and April 24-28 in Osaka. I'm just wondering if anybody else who's able to go thinking of going? I'm trying to decide if I should try to apply to go to the showing and I have about 6 days to decide. The Tokyo one. It is kind of expensive, though... But I think it'd be good to support him.

And anyone who follows my translation journal, taccho, keep an eye out later this week for a fanclub letter translation. ^^v
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