January 20th, 2008

Icon Dump

Preceding icons from my first post until the final post on my individual journal that I've completed months ago. I considered posting this because I moved in here and I think I should compile all my icons. A total of 101 icons segregated into four groups. The short-term credits list can be found here, #.

# Comment if taking any (specify what number will you be taking).
# Credit when used.
# Hotlinking is not advised.
# Textless icons are NOT BASES.
# Do not CLAIM them as YOURS.

[05] Card Captor Sakura
[04] Random Anime
[04] Ouran High School Host Club
[02] Nana
[02] Morita from Honey & Clover
[02] Nana
[01] Raito Yagami from Death Note
[02] Ouran High School Host Club
[01] X
[11] Furuba / Fruits Basket Manga
[01] Lily Cole
[03] Shalom Harlow
[01] Hayley Williams of Paramore
[01] Pete Wentz of Fall Out Boy
[05] J-POP: Arashi
[03] K-POP: Super Junior
[08] February 2006 Issue/Volume 13 of Shoxx Bis
[06] Neo Genesis Vol. 10 -- Gazette
[04] Arena 37 special Vol 33 -- Kai of Gazette
[15] J-DRAMA: Gokusen Season I
[21] J-DRAMA: Gokusen Season II

One Hundred And One Preceding Icons