January 30th, 2008



i cant find a rule saying this can't be posted although no one seems to post fanfics here....? anyhow, yes, fanfic.

and i need to stop updating this comm lol

title: theonewhereican'tthinkofagoodtitle
group: arashi + random guest appearances by others
rating: well, i guess it'll involve some boy love and swearing??
genre: if i'm to rate by fruits, this would be a durian. it's not supposed to be brain friendly~~just crack. ALL CRACK.
note: so i did plagiarized a bit of battle royale lol


matsujun slapped aiba.

"what was that for!?" aiba cried.

matsujun glanced at aiba through slitted eyes. "i want to take a bath but sho's leghairs had plugged the tub again."

( leghair, chipmunk, wristband, you name it )
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