February 3rd, 2008


Step up

I posted translations of the GRA with Japanese sweets (#4) and Aiba and Ohmiya's sections in the latest FC pamphlet^^

Ippo mae

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[Translation] Tensai! Shimura Doubutsuen 2008.01.19

I've translated a short clip from Tensai! Shimura Doubutsuen 2008.01.19, where everyone tried to guess who the special guest (Kame) is, and at the end where Kame talked about his new series, One Pound Gospel. I translated from Chinese to English (I don't understand Japanese), and my Chinese is only at an intermediate level, so please forgive me if I made any mistakes.

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Can anyone link me to a place to download all of the boys' radio shows, or someone who streams them, or posts them in their journal? I had a link..but after searching for the last hour, I can't find it. ><;;

How can you be so thoughtless

Here, have some crack

Might be old but since it got me all cracked up, you might want to see. :D

~Presenting the ARASHI AIR BAND~

watch out for ohno's air guitar and the *choke* costumes. heeh.
and here i thought i couldn't bear the sight of men in hanging tops *cough*Aiba*cough*

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Sharing some Arashi scans I made- a couple from a magazine, a few of the newest Johnny's shop photos (as of a little less than month ago, so there might be newer pictures out now), and a few older Johnny's shop photos.

Please don't claim these as your own scans- please credit xgacktx if you repost them somewhere else, but otherwise credit isn't needed.

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Enjoy! ♥

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