February 4th, 2008


Arashi inspired video!

Ok, well a little while back me and my sister( I'm in the black jacket, she is in the white) decided to make a cooking video inspired by episode 122 of MMA where Jun makes the potato croquettes for the kids who hate vegetables. I thought I would share some of the Arashi love we have with some fellow fans ^_^ Maybe if they see this video they will recognize how much people all over the world love them and they will come to the US! Well.. I can dream can't I? Enjoy!

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I didn't see this on here yet so.... ^_^

As part of TBS's programming shuffle this spring, the network's Thursday 10:00pm drama time slot is being turned into a variety show slot, occupied by a currently-unnamed show hosted by popular group Arashi.

TBS recently revealed that its Saturday 8:00pm block is switching from variety to drama. The swap of the two time slots is motivated by concerns about falling ratings, and the network hopes that Arashi can provide a much-needed boost.

The Thursday slot has become well-established as a drama block for the station, but ratings have been low in recent years. Dramas in that time slot face direct competition from Fuji TV, which has meanwhile managed to broadcast several hit shows, including "Iryu 2," "Dr. Coto's Clinic 2006," and "Densha Otoko." Other networks also have successful shows airing at the same time: "Downtown DX" (NTV) and "Houdou Station" (TV Asahi). TBS has decided to shift its strategy, focusing more on attracting older teens and twenty-somethings.

Arashi's show is their first time hosting during "golden time" (7pm-10pm). It will apparently deal with social and cultural topics. Producer Saori Hirata is in charge of the program. Broadcast begins in April.

credits to tokyograph.com

woo new show!!! ^_^