February 5th, 2008

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Hello fangirls out there.. :)

I was just wondering if Arashi, Step and Go, PV is already out yet since the single will be releasing on Feb 20th..which is like in 2 weeks time..
I mean since NEWS PV is already out and their new single will be release on Feb 27 which is later than Arashi's single.. I am not impatient but I am just curious.. Or is it different for Arashi?? Anyone got any idea??


Sorry.. I meant that NEWS group version is out..

Thank you in advance for answering my curiosity.. :))

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Scanlation: Arashi in Duet February 2008

Hi! i have new scanlations of Arashi in Duet February 2008..
The scans of the "Ambition Plan - Arashi" article is provided by bitethelove and translations done by lovely taccho..please check out her LJ for the original translation and thank her ne? thanks to both of them..so, i bring you the 1st part of Arashi's new scanlation taken from Duet-February 2008,featuring;

1. Ohno
2. Matsujun
[in progress!]
4. Aiba
5. Nino

the scanlation, here
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