February 8th, 2008


Thanks to some informative fans, I've found out where and when the cast of the HYD movie will film in Las Vegas!
The dates are February 19th and 20th
at the New Orleans hotel.
I heard that on the 19th it will just be Jun and Mao, but on the 20th the whole F4 cast will be there. 

I already know that a lot of fans from Cali are planning to go.  I'm all the way up in Seattle.
But please American fans. Gather up and show the love!  We should start contacting each other.

If you're wondering whether this information is reliable or not, since that's the first thing I thought.  The HYD/Jun fan told me that she actually found a person that works in the hotel and that has all the information on the shooting and such.  She is actually the supervisor of the filming.  I will TRY and get more details later and post them on my LJ. ** In the meantime, start thinking about what we should do/say to Jun.  It's fine if you can't go, we should come with an idea together to represent all American/International fans. 

Info credit goes to: Luchs @ Soompi Forums
Special thanks to ugoku_shiro

**Edit: it's easier to do it this way, so I don't have to reply back to each comment regarding this issue.  
Of course the last thing I, along with other fans that are going, want is to interrupt their shooting and bother them.  Well in my case at least, if I do go.  I guess I should've been careful with wording that sentence, and I'm sorry if I had caused worry for other fans. I was thinking more along the lines of making a poster or something for them to see that they are known in America. Not just Arashi, but HYD as well. I don't want to neglect the other cast members.  Because if we just stand there watching, they'll probably just assume that we're there out of curiosity.  So ideas for signs or posters would be good for Jun and the cast to see.  Our fandom doesn't need to be expressed in screaming and yelling but in writing and art. With that settled, please put a little more trust in the fans that are planning to go. They have no intention of setting a bad example.