February 14th, 2008

Ohno Satoshi [arashi]- heart

Arashi Icons

Ok I would go and link you all to posts where they are located, however they are very scattered throughout my graphics journal which I spent like all day getting it up to date. Mind you many of these are quite old, I found them when going through my photobucket today. Anyhow I hope you like them. Just a few things, if you use any it would be great if you saved them to your own server. And with credit, credit either this journal that i am posting with or xrosamysticax which is my graphics journal. one thing that I find kinda funny, is how Satoshi is my favorite and most of my icons are of Jun. I just find that somewhat amusing..don't mind me ^^;;;;

Icons of:
Matsumoto Jun x 19
Masaki Aiba x 4
Sakurai Sho x 6
Ohno Satoshi x 9
The group x 2

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