February 16th, 2008

cyworld - これって片思い?

plea to Arashi/Hanadan fans traveling to Vegas

I assume most of you have heard of the absolutely revolting behavior displayed by the fans in Hong Kong. If you haven't seen the videos, there are some here and here. They've mobbed Jun and Shun at the airport, pulled Mao's scarf, disrupted filming with their screaming, and have been generally horrible excuses for human beings. These 'fans' have pretty much guaranteed that the actors and staff will never want to go back there, and I'm sure if it was proposed that Arashi could do a concert in Hong Kong, Matsujun would discourage the idea. I definitely wouldn't blame him. The lesson learned is that even just a small group of people can ruin it for everyone else. (I'm sure all the real fans in HK out there are very embarrassed and disappointed by the incident.)

Soon the Hanadan crew will be arriving in Las Vegas and filming for two weeks starting on the 19th. I'm not in any position of authority and I have no intention of trying to boss people around, but I really feel that those of us planning on going to watch should agree to some rules to make them feel more welcome.

- No pictures or video recording allowed. Whether they are filming or on break. This has been confirmed by The Orleans hotel staff. How about taking pictures of yourself in front of the locations after the filming is over? That way, you'll still have something to add to your scrapbook without bothering the actors. If you feel like you absolutely must take pictures, at least do it discretely with a camera phone, or from very far away without using flash.

- The four feet rule. (thanks to Arashikitty ♥) If you somehow get the chance to get up close with the actors, try to not invade their personal space by staying four feet away. Do not touch them unless they touch you first. (Matsujun shook hands with some of the Hong Kong fans, despite it all.)

- Silence is golden. I know it will be very exciting, but do not scream or yell out to the actors. No talking amongst yourselves during filming. (Unless you're quite far away, I guess.) None of us will be interested in chatting when there's a movie being made right in front of us, anyway, right?

- Turn off or set phones to vibrate. See above.

- No stalking. Though we've all been joking (er, I have) about flying to Vegas to stalk Matsujun or whoever, let's keep it at just that, a joke. Don't go knocking on doors at the hotel trying to find what room they're staying in, don't try following them when they go out partying after work, and if you somehow find out this sort of sensitive information, please keep it to yourself.

- Stay out of the casino if you are under 21 and without a guardian. On the 20th, there will be filming in the casino area of the hotel during the daytime hours. Let's try to leave a good impression not just with the actors and film crew, but with the hotel staff as well.

- If you make a signboard of any kind, using photographs is generally looked down upon. They should be text only, or using your own artwork. I'm sure most JE fans already know this, but just in case. edit: I'm not entirely sure, but hanging banners and stuff around the hotel might not be allowed. If you're making a banner, make sure it's small enough to hold in your hands. In case we are asked to put away our signs, also make sure they can be folded/rolled up and hidden out of sight somehow.

tl;dr - Use common sense.

If you guys can think of anything else, say so in the comments! Also, please spread this around to as many places as possible to get the word out. I'm hoping using an icon of Matsujun scratching his ass while in a nurse outfit will attract people. They've all just been through a bad experience with foreign fans, don't let history repeat itself!

This has been crossposted everywhere. omg I'm so sorry, I hate crossposting just as much as everyone else. I'll never post in a community again after this. ;_;

edit: Hahaha oh wow. Insulting a small group of people for being rude does not equal insulting 1/5th of the world's population. This is the internet, please don't be so overly sensitive.

On the flip side, the crew left Hong Kong today and from the pictures I've seen, it didn't look half as crazy as their arrival. These fans got a chance to redeem themselves and it seems like they did. This entry is directed at those of us planning to watch the filming in Vegas, not at anyone in Hong Kong.