February 17th, 2008


PIKA**NCHI fanart

Hello~ This is my first time posting, so please feel free to delete this post or tell me if anything is wrong. ^-^;

A little background: Just a bored college student who has a four hour gap between classes and so spends that time in the library sketching whatever comes to mind. :D I really loved Arashi's PIKA*NCHI movies, especially the tagline "Life is hard..." so that's what inspired this drawing. XD I know it's not the greatest, but I spent some time on it and I wanted to share. I don't think this applies, but if you want to repost it somewhere, please credit and comments of course are loved. <3

Ohno loevs fishing
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DUET March '08

Here to bring you full translations of DUET March '08, including the boy's answers to the love psychology test, the counselor's evaluations of the answers, as well as their individual interviews on each page.

--> (Enjoy~) <--

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I'm going to Tokyo...

Does anyone know how to buy tickets to Ohno's butai "Amatsukaze"? I've only managed to find the Aoyama Theatre website, which lists the showtimes but it doesn't tell me how to order tickets. If I were to call Aoyama Theatre, would they have someone there who speaks English or Mandarin? 

Also, does anyone know where in Tokyo is the Johnny's store located?