February 18th, 2008

Arashi Post!

album; TIME [2007]
artist; Arashi 嵐
genre; Jpop
language; japanese

tracklist; favorites are marked. ♥
CD 1
1. Oh Yeah!
2. Love so sweet
4. We can make it! ♥♥♥
5. Firefly
6. 太陽の世界 Taiyou no Sekai
7. Carry on ♥
9. Cry for you ♥
10. Love Situation
11. 風 Kaze
12. Be with you
13. LIFE
14. アオゾラペダル Aozora Pedal ♥
15. 前進 Everbody Zenshin (Bonus Track)

CD 2
1. Song for me (Ohno Satoshi)
2. Friendship (Aiba Masaki)
3. 虹 Niji (Ninomiya Kazunari) ♥♥♥
4. Can't Let You Go (Sakurai Sho)
5. Yabai-Yabai-Yabai (Matsumoto Jun)

download; here@sundaexsuki
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Vote for Arashi!!

Hey everyone!

I'm new here - first time posting - so I don't know if this is allowd. I was just browsing through LJ when I saw someone's poll and voted for it. But it doesn't seem like Arashi is getting first. Yesh, I know that other groups are popular too, but wouldn't it be nice if Arashi had the most votes? XD

Vote here

Sorry if you voted already. I'm a really competitve person, and I don't want Arashi to lose.
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To the people who are going to see Jun in Vegas

I know some people have already posted about the fan behaviour for the lucky ones who are going to go to Vegas.
I'm not here to told people off, I'm here to report about what happened last week with Ayumi Hamasaki in Paris, and how all went so well, and fans might have make things move a little.
This post is here to help you lucky ones make things move too :)
Because you can.

( If you're lucky you can make things change )