February 20th, 2008


Step and Go (Limited Edition)

Just let you know that Step and Go (Limited Edition) is still available through Play-Asia. Grab yourself a copy, if haven't done so, since the limited edition is sold out almost everywhere. Free shipping in some asian countries.

ETA: I think they still take pre-order for Arashi School Calendar 2008/2009 too.

ETA 2: It was out of stock, but just now I rechecked and it's in stock again...

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Ohno n Sho

[Piano+Vocal Rendition] Deep Sorrow

Ohno-kun really killed me with this song, nearly got me crying ne. Anyway, I was inspired to do my own rendition of this beautiful song. I apologize for the weird rhythm here and there (this is what happens when I don’t use a metronome x.x) and also some funny chords somewhere around the bridge.

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I'm sorry, seems like DivShare is gonna block certain regions like China and Southeast Asia... So I'm not too sure if this DivShare can be used T.T

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