February 22nd, 2008


Notes: Scanlation

To all my scanlation DLers, i upload scanlations for Ninoland as well..currently, i uploaded this 2, and it will be more from time to time..

if you're interested, please go and DL them..but it's strict to the Ninoland members only, so you have to join to gain access..thank you!

大野 → Headless Ohno
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Freestyle FYI

So I all day I was looking forward to going to Ohno's show and enjoying myself (since none of my friends wanted to/could come) soaking in some artistic genius.  I booked it straight to the station after work at 4:30, rode the train for an hour and made it to Omotesando at 6:15.  I navigated my way out of the subway station and found Omotesando Hills, and found a line up outside.  Alright, I thought.  This is fine.  It's only 6:30, it will probably take an hour to get in.  I brought a book.  I got in line, which started to move pretty quickly.  Then a staff guy came down the line, checking something.  He asked the girls in front of me if they had a ticket, which they didn't.  They had a little panic and he was only half-apologetic saying if you didn't have a ticket, you can't see the show.  Then he asked me, and of course I didn't have one.  What ticket?  No one mentioned tickets.  The girls behind me showed theirs and I asked where I could get one. 

He said you have to show up early in the morning and line up for tickets they distrubute between 8am and 10am before the show opens for the day.  He crushed my hopes, and I actually felt like crying, which I admit is extremely pathetic for a 23-year-old woman.  But I was oh-so-excited.  :(  I graciously got out of line and proceeded to call my friend in Nagoya and rant to her about the stupidity of Japanese bureaucracy and random stuff because I was so mad.  I didn't even take time to eat any dinner.  Then I turned around, got back on the train for an hour and came home.

So, I am waking up early and showing up at 7am tomorrow.  I'm assuming its the same spot outside Omotesando Hills (there's a staircase down to the B1 level shops from the outside).  That might be slightly overkill, but it's most likely a first-come-first-served basis so hopefully I'll get an early time so I don't have to fart around Tokyo all day.  I will come prepared with a new music selection, book, food, and maybe some crocheting. 

On the bright side: I did see people leaving with Ohno swag!  And copies of his book! 

On a positive note, I'm lucky my excitement got the best of me and I went today instead of waiting until Monday to be disappointed because I can't go during the week (damn work).  I wanted to avoid the weekend crowds (I'm anticipating a zoo) but shouganai ne?

This is a heads up to anyone else who is planning to go.  Hopefully you won't show up and be disappointed like I was!
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