February 26th, 2008


Jun Matsumoto Icons

Hi! I'm Úrsula, from Chile n.n
and i'm a new member of this community. I love to make icons, so i made these to all Matsujun fans! ^^
hope u like them n.n and feel free to use them if u want, but please credit n.n
comments are apreciated :D
oh, and sorry if my english isn't good T_T
take care of you!

Here a preview n.n

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{01 - 87} NEWS
[01 - 14] Groups
[15 - 29] Tegoshi Yuya
[30 - 43] Nishikido Ryo
[44 - 56] Takahisa Masuda
[57 - 68] Kato Shigeaki
[69 - 78] Koyama Keiichiro
[79 - 87] Yamashita Tomohisa

{88 - 93} Matsumoto Jun / Nishikido Ryo


The few others here.
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The manager of I-TM4U went to Ohno Satoshi's exhibition and took pictures and posted them in her lj!

you can check them out here.

And it's nice to know fans always help out fans! Our manager was unable to take a second agent, because of conflicts, but while waiting in line, another fan without a ticket asked if she could go in with her (with ticket two can enter) so she took the girl in, and she was able to assist in getting more goods for customers because of limits, so everybody wins!!!

Las Vegas Report

I'm back! 12:17 am on the 26th right now...Just got finished going through my +30 emails. *dies*
Lots lots lots lots LOTS to tell.
Especially since I have more than one day to talk about.
If you want to know more info about their filming in LV then this might be a must-read for fans who are brimming with curiosity... since there IS a Day THREE. 
Get ready....

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JG: Ueto Aya (上戸彩) - eye cover

[Icons]: Jdrama icons feat. Jun, Sho and Nino ^^

Hey there!~

I made some jdrama icons.
Ahem~ ... as I had not much time (again) I only did some coloring. I had tons of fun making these icons, especially the Akihabara@Deep ones (guess too much Toma stuff, but who cares? *drools*) (^-^')

Hope you like them!~


Icons in this post: [165]

[54] x Akihabara@Deep
[05] x Attention Please SP
[11] x Bambino
[12] x Engine
[05] x Gal Circle
[13] x Honey & Clover
[30] x Orange Days (*possible spoilers)
[35] x Yamada Taro

(Otakus, flights, noodles, fast cars, strange cowboys, food addicts, musicians, poor and rich guys ... I has it allZ! XD~)

x-posted m(_ _)m
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