February 28th, 2008

Arashi Riida+Sho Lovins!

Arashi - COOL&SOUL for DOME07 (Kanji and Romaji)

Hey all. When I posted my box a couple days ago, I said I would transcribe the lyrics to this new version of Cool&Soul, so here it is. I've just transcribed what I read in the single pamphlet, so things like the middle talk are not included yet.

Also, I haven't decided if I want to do a translation of this, so that may or may not be coming. Not sure.

If anyone needs to download the song, its over at my journal.


( COOL&SOUL for DOME07 )

x posted again, sorry. D:
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Ohno Satoshi's FREESTYLE

Soooo.  This is my first ever post to this group and I hope writing this will be okay.

I went to see Ohno's FREESTYLE art exhibition today at Omotesando Hills. 

After trying the first few days by doing that lottery thing on the cellphone website, I got a spot for today. Collapse )