March 3rd, 2008

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Concert tickets and fanclub membership guide!

Someone was saying in the previous ticket-related post that there should be a FAQ for the whole ticketing process. There used to be a really great post explaining it in another comm, but apparently it got taken down. I've been doing the fanclub thing for the first time this year, and I kept wishing there was an extensive explanation somewhere for tickets as I was starting out. So here goes my attempt at explaining how it all works, both for people who are in Japan, and for people overseas looking for tickets. It is incredibly tl;dr, but hopefully it helps someone nonetheless.

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Arashi new TV show

This just appeared on J-webs:



Studies on Society: 『"Himitsu no Arashi-chan" (Arashi-chan's secret)』
Every week (Thurs) at 10:00pm
❖The first episode will be a longer episode! (Extended Broadcast)

Scanlation: Arashi [2nd Part] in Myojo-March 2008

Hi! i have the 2nd part scanlations of Arashi in Myojo-March 2008..
the scans of the Arashi article is provided by Supia (taking at: mindy167.vox) and the translations is done by aatash on her lj at wingsonwords..please check out her LJ for the original translation and thank her ne? thanks to both of, i bring you the 2nd part of Arashi's new scanlation taken from Myojo-March 2008,

the scanlation, here

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