March 10th, 2008

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a request and bribe.

I'm looking for the scans of ARASHI's 2003-2004 Calendar, the one called 'A NEW LIFE', I think.

Mediafire would be very nice! Thank you in advance.

And as for bribes, I just uploaded the Bambino! OST @ modoriame.
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Arashi slash community

Hello all!
I'm not sure if this is allowed for numerous reasons so if it's not, please delete the post.

A while ago I started an Arashi slash fanfiction community. I noticed that there is a lot of it out there and I hope to get some on this community so other slash fans will have a quick place to find it, as opposed to digging through other communities.

Here's the link. I hope to get a lot of members, and also more maintainers. My e-mail is included in the community info for anyone willing to help out with maintaining.


(x-posted everywhere, sorry!)