March 11th, 2008


My Favorite Cookbook Pictures!

So my friend from Japan went back home for the weekend from here in the US and she said, oh I got you this Arashi silly me thought it was just a normal calendar but it was the school one that came with the cookbook, so I got super excited!!! I'm a culinary student so an Arashi cookbook is putting the two things I love most in life together! ^_^ I took some (very poor quality >_<) pictures of some of my favorite pictures in the cookbook so I thought I would share ^_^. I'm always a fan of video games so anything with NinoxDS makes me happy ^_^ Hope you guys enjoy!
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Scanlation:Jun Matsumoto [Variety]

Hi! i'm posting a new Jun-kun's Jun-kun various appearance in TV Guide- 26.8-1.9.06, Wink Up- June 2007, Potato-July always, my thanks and credits to nyanchan ..please check out her LJ for the original translation and thank her ne? and raw scan for TV Guide is provided by afterglowmegami , others by Mori's pdbox..

the scanlation, here

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