March 18th, 2008

Furry Suits

Question: Aiba On SCP

Hello! I've a question for anybody who might know the answer: 

Recently I've been watching a lot of Shounen Club Premium episodes, as it has idols at their most sincere (it's interesting hearing them talk about things they wouldn't in a variety or music program). I've seen MatsuJun's SCP episode, and I am about to watch Ohno's. However, I know that Aiba has done an episode as well. Moreover, his was the very first SCP aired! I thought this would be a pretty easy episode to find, however the only thing I've managed to seek out is a short 5-minute clip on Veoh. 

I was wondering if anyone might have this episode, or if anyone knew where I might find it. It's an episode from 2006, 4/23. I would prefer a subbed version, but I doubt anyone has that...

Thanks for listening!