March 22nd, 2008

Okane ga nai

Arashi Theme for SE phone

Hi there, it's been quite some time since I joined this community and I haven't been making any contributions ^^;;. I've made a simple Arashi Theme for SE phone if you are interested. You could find it here. I'm not sure if it's workable for all other models, but I've tried for W580 and 850 is ok.^^
Ohno (Kokuritsu)

Calendar Headers

I'm still not over how wonderfully shiny the calendar is and decided to make a few headers. :D I believe they're all different sizes 'cause apparently I'm not the type that can keep them the same size. Ahaha. Of course, you can resize it to your liking. Do enjoy, though. ^__^

- I'd love it if you commented with whatever header you take. :)
- Credit hakka_candy somewhere, anywhere. XD

Texture Credits: Resources
Scans Credits: Thank you morbid_lithe!

( Uwaa, SHINY! )