March 25th, 2008


Shukudai-kun #76

Hi minna!

Yesterday night I couldn't DL Shukudai-kun #76.... I know that Sho was wearing Nipple T-shirt... So... It was a hard waiting >___<

I know I am late... but I want to make sure that everyone will enjoy it! And the episode was so much fun! Saaa~ here my weekly Shukudai-kun post! ^^

★ Arashi and sexy face, specially Riida's sexy face ^^
★ Tasting food, Ohno x Sho hug!
★ Aibaland!!!!
★ Sho with chibuku T-shirt!
★ Hentai glasses... xD

Enjoy screencaps and video cuts here!!!


Ohno Satoshi Exhibition Postcards

Hello Minna, I have no idea whether im allow to post this here anot.
Please delete my post if im not suppose to post here.

Im asking on behalf of my friend.
She has extra copy of Ohno Satoshi Exhibition Postcards for sell.
She is selling as a FULL set (10 sets) at 4600yen which exclude paypal subcharges and shipping charges etc.
Item will be send out from Japan.

Please leave a comment or send me an email at if you are interested.