April 7th, 2008


Matsujun at USC

so i asked my friend about what was going on, and first they closed it and said that non-USC people can't come (hence the RSVP code). then when my friend entered the USC code, they were already sold out. BLAH! just updating everyone so we can be angry at USC for making it un-public =(. 
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Sho - Scarf

[sub] Golden Rush Arashi 005 & 007

Special posting today.

First is Golden Rush Arashi (GRA) #5, translated by nyanchan and subbed by yuckie_chan.

And some love screenies <33333

Download episode 5 here

Second is Golden Rush Arashi (GRA) #7 from ,about soba, translated by nyanchan and subbed by winkychan.

I know this is usually yuckie_chan's task to sub GRA, but as she's extremely busy right now, and has internet connection difficulties (that's why I'm crossposting episode 5 in this post), I took in charge of episode 7. Don't worry about episode 6, it's already done, she will upload it as soon as she can!

Download episode 7 here