April 8th, 2008

Arashi, DBSK, Nobuta Wo Produce, Kame & Yamapi

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[001-005] Arashi: Individual Icons
[006-010] Arashi: Aiba Masaki
[011] Arashi: Ohno Satoshi
[012-018] Arashi: Group Icons
[019-039] Dong Ban Shin Ki: Bonjour Paris - Parisien
[040-043] J-DRAMA Nobuta Wo Produce: Horikita Maki as Nobuta
[044-045] J-DRAMA Nobuta Wo Produce: Kazuya Kamenashi as Shuji Kiritani
[046-047] J-DRAMA Nobuta Wo Produce: Yamapi as Akira Kusano
[048-054] J-DRAMA Nobuta Wo Produce: Yamapi/Kame
[055-063] Kame From Various Magazine Scans (turned to actual bases)
[064-072] Yamapi From Various Magazine Scans (turned to actual bases)

Muzzle And More Wanderlust


come on pan, together say!

first of all, why wasn't nino in the boat segement in odoroki? nothing amuses me more than seasick nino. i mean yes, it must be tough being seasick but...secretly, i point and laugh...

i'm the worst kind of fan.

back to srsbiz (lol yeah), this is regarding the non-no love questions i translated last week. a little bee told me that i missed out the last question. so here it is~ for those who have not read the love questions yet, they are here.

q: what is it about women that you just couldn't understand?
o: their way of thinking "i want to be together all the time". it would be impossible for me because it's essential that i have my own time.
m: once our hearts are apart, she'll forget about me in an instant. i simply can't comprehend how they can possibly shut one out just like that!
a: there are so many things that i do not understand~ when her temper turns foul, for example (bitter laugh).
s: during a quarrel, for example, they gradually become more and more emotional. i think it would be better to talk things through logically.
n: when their mood drops all of a sudden. and they refused to say why even when asked. its a real mystery.

p.s.: thanks for all the thank you comments at the original entry, appreciate them loads :D
Golden being

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12 icons. Non-no issue~
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