April 11th, 2008

happy go lucky; aiba

Vanilla Feelings

In the excitement of Himitsu no Arashi-chan, I was just wondering who else has heard of "VS Arashi" on a program called Vanilla Feelings? It apparently airs on Saturdays from 12:59-13:30 beginning tomorrow on Fuji TV.

Looking at the website, the show has a guest come in and they play various large-scale games. They have a guest team battle with Arashi. If the guest team wins, the guest gets a prize of what they want the most. And then they decide each time which member dragged the Arashi team down the most through all the games and await a review meeting of dread, which is called "MDA" or "Most dame Arashi"! Sounds very interesting, doesn't it? Ohno-kun even says that the program is like a huge game center.

Website is here: Vanilla Feelings
News: VS Arashi

I don't think anyone's posted information about this show yet?
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