April 12th, 2008

Kamiyama White

Thank you for smoking, NOT!

Okay two little things. I'd like to know if anyone has a version whatsoever of the video where Matsumoto confesses his "feelings" for Sho. Or at the very least you're able to save the vid from the link below.


(Keepvid doesn't work I'm afraid, and Youtube deleted it!)

I'm using the vid for an interactive Arashi humor fanfic idea I've come up with, so any help is appreciated.

Secondly, just out of curiosity, who in Arashi smokes?

Ohno: No clue.
MatsuJun: I heard him say in C no Arashi once that he wasn't a smoker.
Sho: He smoked in Pikanchi but the smokes were never lit and he never breathed out any smoke. I get the impression he's not.
Aiba: Spotted him lighting one in either the making of Pikanchi or Kiiroi Namida. He was on a break and had the cigarette in hand. (Say it isn't so!)
Ninomiya: I think he also said in C no Arashi that he doesn't smoke either.

Please correct me where I'm wrong. Pictures and evidence (such as in where to look) are very much appreciated!

Thanks for all your help!

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VS Arashi is WIN!

Today was the first episode of VS Arashi and I already like it better than GRA! (but I do miss Aiba's green suit and bowtie ^_^) It does remind me of Tokyo Friends Park, and the games that they had were awesome!!! Here are some screencaps from the first episode :D

VS Arashi begins!!!

More baka Arashi games!

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I don't know if this is allowed.
Do tell me if this is not allowed so that I'll delete it.

Since YT have removed at least 90% of the Arashi vids already and Crunchyroll is also removing shows as well.. As far as I know, Veoh only deletes all the Music Station vids. So maybe you could try Veoh instead.
I actually have some Arashi vids uploaded to Veoh (no fanvid and stuff though=x).
If you're interested, it's HERE