April 21st, 2008

大野 → Headless Ohno

A costume designer somewhere needs to be lynched.

I wrote a review of sorts about the Time con constumes, I thought I'd share.  I warn you - I am very blunt and catty and use bad words, so read at your own discretion.  I don't think the costumes are really much of a "give away" or "spoiler" but if you don't want to know anything about the DVD until you've seen it, then don't read.  If you want to have a laugh and commiserate with me, by all means!

( Save the endangered rainbow peacocks! )

This is all meant in good fun, so don't get offended.  Our boys did great, as always.  But you do have to wonder if they have any say in these things.
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REQUEST: Sho's extremely old drama...

Hello again, everyone... My friend and I would just like to ask if anyone happens to have all the files for one of Sho's old dramas entitled, "Gekidan Engimono." We really don't know what it's about and all except that it's a really old drama of his. If anyone could ulpoad it, we would greatly appreciate the help! Thanks in advance!