April 28th, 2008

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matsujun @ usc

Hey guys, I wrote up quickly what happened last night at the Last Princess event and some of the memorable highlights.
And yes, I semi recorded Jun speaking english in his introduction~

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The Last Princess Movie pamphlet

Hi everyone, I was very lukcy to attend the movie premiere at USC last night.
Saw MatsuJun in person was definitely the highlight of my life (LOL)
Anyway, for those of you couldn't make it to the event, I scanned the pamphlet~
(the pamphlet itself is too big for my scanner...so the edges might be missing >_<''
But, please enjoy~~~


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Download at:
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Scanlation: Jun-TV Guide (071222-080106) and Nino-Potato Feb 08

Hi! i'm posting 2 new scanlations..
Jun Matsumoto 'TV Guide (071222-080106) - HYD Finale~' article is provided by Mori Pdbox and the translations is done by nyanchan..and Kazunari Ninomiya in Potato Feb 2008 'Freshen' article is provided by bitethelove and the translation is done by taccho..
please check out their LJ for the original translation and thanks them ne?..^-^..

the scanlation, here
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My favorite Jin icon. Who made it?

Question and Answer [The Hidden Fortress]

I also went to the USC event, and I took notes during the Question and Answer portion of the evening for my OWN handwritten journal- But I've typed up a sort of transcript of the interview, although part of if is summarization since I could never quote Jun directly as he spoke in Japanese which was translated to English...so that wouldn't even be exact, right?

If you'd like to read the questions and responses that were directed towards and given ONLY from Jun during the interview potion, please stop by and read :] There are some spoilers as to what happens in the movie due to the nature of the questions, but really, its that big of a deal.

USC Q&A Segment..and other physical observations.
Beautiful xD



because I know many of you were there and are mostly likely in this picture and would love to read about it.

posted also to Aibakaland, a_ra_shi

"MatsuJun~" calls at American University Premiere of the movie "The Hidden Fortress"

マツジュンの姿を見て大喜びする「ARASHI Secret Agency」のメンバー

Members of "ARASHI Secret Agency" who are ecstatic about seeing MatsuJun

[Los Angeles, CA 27th] The remake of Director Kurosawa Akira's "The Hidden Fortress THE LAST PRINCESS" (Director Higuchi Shinji, in theaters 5/10) with Arashi's Matsumoto Jun as the lead role, had a premiere at USC from which George Lucas graduated. Matsumoto was introduced it in English before the movie started, and was thrilled to see people's reactions. He commented positively about coming to the U.S. if he had a chance.


"Jun!" Around 6:05PM, the theater was filled with screams and heated up as Matsumoto appeared. The people of Los Angeles were excited to see this movie remade after 50 years.

The event was held at the Ellen Norris Theater in USC. This was made possible because Director Lucas, a graduate of USC, gained a hint from Director Kurosawa's original movie to make "Star Wars."

300 people including 200 students from USC arrived. Outside were about 100 people who could not make it in the theater. The premiere featured Matsumoto and Director Higuchi, as well as a special guest Anthony Daniels (63) who played the role of C3PO in Star Wars.

Before the showing, Matsumoto nervously said "I am very honored to be a part of this premiere at the honorable University of Southern California," but naturally smiled as the audience laughed and applauded during the movie. He said "I almost wanted to be the first to stand up and say 'Yes!' I was very nervous to see how people would react, but I was very happy."

The movie is an action adventure in the historical times where a samurai and peasants try to get past the enemy while saving a princess and their gold. After the movie was a question session. Matsumoto commented "I think we received a positive reaction from because Japan was able to prove that we can create high quality action entertainment movies also."

According to Toho, the movie will be shown in Thai and Taiwan (not sure when yet). The U.S. and Europe is under negotiation.

As the movie is possibly to be shown world wide, Matsumoto says about acting in the U.S. that "There's nothing planned, but if I am able to work with an interesting script and staff, I would be willing to take the chance to work on it overcoming differences in language and culture." He promised to work on English, and was excited about possibilities of working worldwide.

+ Fan Club in the U.S., 36 members come to premiere

There is an original fan club for Arashi in the U.S. which includes several thousand members. It is named after the TBS variety show "Himitsu no Arashi-chan!" and is called "ARASHI Secret Agency," and was created about a month ago. On this day, 36 members came to the premiere. Fans grew after Matsumoto's drama "Hana Yori Dango" was aired. Miss Destini Jason (19) who came from Las Vegas commented that "Arashi is funny, sexy, and entertaining. They really value their fans." Matsumoto said that "I am very surprised and very happy to see that our products are known in the U.S. I hope to be able to pay them back somehow."

WOW. I TOTALLY WISH I COULD'VE BEEN THERE. :( But I am glad everyone enjoyed it and the media was very interested in the fact that there are fans out here. And now Arashi knows! All around the world, guys. Seriously. You don't know how popular you guys really truly are.

JE Documentary

Hello everyone! This is my first post to the community! Well the thing is, I'm a digital media student and I'm doing a documentary for school, which means that I will be filming, editing, and doing the sound and graphics for this production. I've decided that I'm going to do it on Johnny's Entertainment and I need fans to interview. I would like to have all JE fans, including NEWS, Arashi, KAT-TUN, Kanjani8 etc. I was wondering if there was anyone in the Los Angeles area who would be interested in participating. :) For the most part, I will be asking you questions about who's your favorite group (or if you have more than one favorite), how long have you been a fan, what got you into Johnny's etc. etc.

If you are interested, please email me at melissagirl1201@aol.com. Depending on the response I get, I might have to be selective (I probably need about 4 or 5 good interviews), and the ones that I choose, will actually get to come to the stage we have at school so I can shoot you against a green screen. I go to FIDM, which is Downtown LA, by the way.

I chose this topic because I love JE and I wanted to inform people of how massive JE really is, if you really think about how much they dominate the entertainment industry. It's really unlike anything I've ever known in the entire world and I thought it would be interesting to let people know about why we love them! (I've been slowly converting a lot of my friends XD)

So if anyone is willing to participate, it would be much appreciated! Thank you very much!

If there is anything wrong with this post, Mods please let me know. ^_^
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I wrote my own experience about this MAGNIFICENT event that happened yesterday at my lj </a></b></a>jsinufan, if anyone's interested, please read. If not i suggest you just go and check it out, you'll never know if i have any surprises or not! I hope you aren't disappointed if you go though! And if you love JUN like I do, then you wont get tired of hearing how great he looked!

EDIT: i will only leave the pictures for a day because i don't want to get in trouble.
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松本潤; ・ヤバイ

not another usc story!

Well it's a bit different than the others...You can still have fun and NOT watch the movie XDDDD

It's the point of view of one of the few who didn't RSVP but still got there hella earlier than anyone else but still go to see MatsuJun about 4 times but my friend and new friends saw him a 5th time T_T. He even did the PEACE SIGN to us, which I died on XD Andddd my friend ended up getting a picture of him (on accident) but it's super bad quality cuz it was dark T_T

Pictures plus more.