May 4th, 2008

Henry Lau 3

British Columbia Fans - MEETUP!

 Just a reminder to all BC fans in Canada!  There will be a meetup at Metropolis at Metrotown on Saturday, May the 17th! (2pm)

It is hosted by canada_johnnys!  Come and join the comm if you haven't already. ^^

We will be doing the craziest things ever meaning doing random crap 24/7.. including...

We actually have no clue what we're really going to be doing.  So basically, it'll be a do-as-you-go meetup. XD
Maybe we'll go shopping... DDRing... STICKY PICS!! =O


Come and join us on May 17!!

All the info that you need about the meetup is in the comm somewhere. >< Scroll down a bit and you'll probably see it. ^^

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