May 5th, 2008

aiba suke!

JUN userpics~!!! ;)

hello there minna!!
this is my first time posting here!!
here are jun userpics i made!
its a mix of new,quite old n chiba  i mean CHIBI pics! *gomen*
hope u guys like 'em!! ;D

all of them are 100x100 and in .png format. ;)

dont forget to comment ya~!

preview of our mr. do-S

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Asia Pacifics Arts Articles on Matsumoto Jun and Hidden Fortress

The good people from Asia Pacifics Arts just published the interview, review and a fabulous article on our dear Matsujun. Arashi was also mentioned lovingly ♥

POP! Goes the Matsujun (or Lessons Learned from a Japanese Idol)
- All the love for Miss Kanara Ty. "Lesson Number Three: The MatsuJun is still The MatsuJun." aaaaaaww♥
Digging Deep with Matsujun 
- Full interview with Jun Matsumoto by Bryan Hartzheim and Kanara Ty
Finding Fortress
- Review of Hidden Fortress: The Last Princess by Bryan Hartzheim


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