May 11th, 2008


promotion~ german fanmeeting+ arashi internat. fanvideo project+ internat. fc petition

No idea if it's ok to to post this here, but~ *i-think-it's-important-to-spread--v*

Are there any arashi fans here at livejournal who don't know about the fan meeting in germany  (this July) yet???? If you're reading this XD, please head over to the young german fansite DoitsunoArashi. There's also a very active german forum :D. There you get bunch of info on that topic. Bewegt euren Hintern, Leutchen XDDD;;;

It would be cool if you could tell this every arashi fan you know who lives in the german area~ it's quite important because.........->

We also want to participate in the arashi-2009-anniv-fanvideo-project. Please take part too :D
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Please spread everything to the people you can reach, esp. the 2009-project!! Arigatou gozaimasu m(___)m
If you have questions, feel free to ask~