May 19th, 2008


Sho and Matsujun icons

Hey people. I found these icons while digging round in my computer yesterday (I was indulging in full-blown indolence) and I thought I might as well upload them now since I might never remember to do that again. Wish I had more time to make more! ><

There're only 4 though. :(


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Please leave a comment if you're taking any! Any constructive criticism is much appreciated.
Hope you guys like them! :D

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Hi! It's my first time posting here. :D It's also my first time to make icons, so I'm not sure they're very good, but it's worth a try! :) Please credit if you're going to take any.

[5] Aiba
[10] MatsuJun
[7] Nino
[9] Ohno
[7] Sho
[4] Arashi
[3] Jun/Ohno
[2] Ohno/Aiba
[4] Ohno/Nino
[2] Sho/Nino
[1] Everyone xD



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So, that's it for now. Leave a comment if you're taking any. And constructive criticism is much appreciated. :) Thanks! And enjoy. :]

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