June 10th, 2008


Shukudai-kun #89 ~ Unagi + Rarararai

Hi minna! Have you watched Shukudai-kun!? ^^

★ Tasting food: Unagi(freshwater eels)
★ Sensei who massage the hand at a particular point to bring your appetite! Poor Oh-chan! xD It was painful! Ohchan was so cute saying baka to him! xD
★ Funny dance called 'ラララライ' The best was when Sho-chan and Aiba-chan joined this! and then, all the members! even Ogu-san! xD

Enjoy screencaps and video cuts

Henry Lau 3

CJEF - Vancouver Meetup && Ontario Meetup!

 Just a note, this is not an advertisement for the CJEF LJ comm.  I came to say that  we are hosting yet another Vancouver meetup. ^^

Last meetup was fun and very enjoyable.  All plans have been made and they are up on  canada_johnnyscomm. =] 

When: June 21 - 2pm to whenever you want to leave
Where:  Richmond Centre in front of the movie theatre (just like last time.) There will be a sign so you will know who to look for.
Activities:  Fangirling, JE-related Games w/ Prizes, Dance-a-thon (maybe) and possibly Karaoke.  There will be many other activities so check out the CJEF comm for all information.
Other: So far we have about 4 confirmed and about 6 maybes. (Some from FaceBook)

Onto the Ontario Meetup notes..

We are holding a poll for possible dates.  Please check out  canada_johnnysto vote.  They are all weekdays. =]  

When: -Subject to Change-  *voting results pending*
Place: We've decided on First Markham Place, because it's not too crowded or busy, but still fun. Plus, it's not easy to get lost :D [3275 Highway 7, Toronto, ON M5H 3A1, Canada - (905) 474-5101‎] If you need help with directions, lemme know (:
Time: 2pm-5pm. Since we wanna keep it casual, we decided the afternoon is best, let people sleep in XD
Other Details: So we'll be meeting at the food court, shouldn't be hard to find, you just keep walking straight once you're inside. And Both of us will be wearing yellow t-shirts [because despite how useful signs are, they look kinda tacky, XD plus, I dont have anything we could use for a sign anyways] So yeah. Once you've confirmed you're coming, I can give you my cell number too. Oh, and one more thing. Don't get thrown off by the fact that I'm brown. Yes, I know it's weird, and I get made fun of it a lot [mostly by my brothers and cousins] but yea~ I still like JE XD

The above information was c+p from the CJEF comm as I am not black (no offense) but yellow..... (chinese).  ( ssm_kiyumi)

Both meetups will be casual so dress up in anything you want. ^^ You could wear formal nightgowns (maybe not.. but just saying), work clothes,  teen/summer clothing.. etc.