June 11th, 2008

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Card for Arashi Project (Updates/Deadlines)

Shobanwa~ Destini here. :) Mini-update on the Card for Arashi Project. In terms of progression...

Current Signature Total: 43
Current Card Front Submissions Total: 5

That's pretty decent actually, considering on May 20th we were at 18 signatures. However, I think I can squeeze a few more signatures out from the American Arashians before I leave July 1st. With that said!

  • Still accepting signatures from U.S. fans! As a brief refresher, this project is aimed to create a fan-made card to deliver for Arashi via a visit to Keikarou (Aiba family restaurant) to show that we care in the States!

    I just need your Signature and printed First Name/Last Initial scanned and send to me by e-mail. The end date for signature submissions is June 23rd to give myself time to get them printed along with the card-front. I can't really extend it further because I want it done way before I leave for Japan.

  • Still accepting card-front submissions! Basically as a mini-contest, fans (you do not have to be an American fan to participate in the contest) can create a 8x10 or larger graphic for our card-front. It should represent Arashi and the fans!

    Card Front Submission Dates
    Submissions: June 15th (Four More Days!)
    Voting begins: June 17th
    Voting ends: June 24th
    Winner is posted: June 27th

    Any questions can be asked here/e-mailed to me or whatever means of communication you see fit. I'm rather approachable so don't hesitate to ask anything. Also, I'm really rooting for this to work out and I will try my hardest to get this card delivered and will update on that throughly. So, cross your fingers for the safe transport/delivery of everything. ^.^
  • Daiki - WINK

    Arashi - Naruto Is Gay Productions - Hadashi No Mirai

    Hiyya hi!!

    For a while now, myself and my cosplay group have been doing Naruto cosplay videos to Arashi songs. I always assumed these videos would be more appreciated in the Naruto fandom, and thus never bought it up here. But i've been getting just as much if not more comments from Arashi fans than anything else.
    So I thought i'd share our most recent video to Hadashi No Mirai here.
    It's our best one so far... 
    Sum Screenies...

    Video HERE! 

    And our older Arashi cosplay vids such as Happiness, Sakura Sake and Natsu No Namae are HERE!
    If you have the time give us a comment, either here or on youtube, because comments are luv!! ^^
    Thankyou for your time!!


    PS. If this isn't allowed please delete ^^
    Thank you!

    One Love PV [MPEG2]

    Hi ^^
    I saw someonde uploaded the avi format, but I came with the MPEG2 and the rip (MP3).

    Are two parts, and you can join them with HJSPLIT.


    (click in the pic to go there and the, go down top)