June 17th, 2008

Rakky Man

Happy Birthday, Nino!!!

Otanjoubi omedetou, Nino!!!

And because it's Nino's special day, I'm paying tribute to his evolving hairstyle... let's see how much our boy has grown throughout his Arashi years :D

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i think i've had too much of nino today.. so let's give it up for the most-changed-hairstyle boy in Arashi! Otajoubi omedetou, Kazunari Ninomiya!!!

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yay onew


hello. this is my first post here. yoroshiku~ i just wanted to share a little something i wrote for nino. because i love him with a vengeance.


i know it's already the 18th in japan by the time i post this so technically nino's birthday is over. but it's still the 17th in my corner of the world so we can all let this slide. comments would be love. XD x-posted. sorry

Nino Day: Comic Strip

Since I know everyone loves having their f-pages spammed to kingdom come. :DD

In honor of the little devil's b-day, I skipped out on studying for my last final to finish up an Ohmiya comic strip I've been working on since last week. It would have been better if I took the time out, but since I don't have a lot of that...

Anyway, kindly follow the fake-cut if you're interested. I wrote it in Japanese, but there's a translation at the bottom, so no worries.

(...I made you a cake!)

Happy Nino Day (for everyone not in Japan/east Asia)!

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Card for 嵐 Mini-Project: Voting Begins Today!

Shonichiwa~ Destini here. :)

Today, a great tiny young prankster was born 25 years ago but somehow has defied aging processing. <3

Aside from that, today on The Nino's birthday is also the start day to vote for card-front entries for the Card for Arashi Project.

I created a separate webpage with the entries and a voting poll on it.

Vote For The Card for Arashi Fanmade Card Front!

  • DOUBLE VOTING IS DISABLED. So please vote fairly.
  • None of the contestants names will be on released (unless they signed it) to prevent favoritism.
  • I would like to ask that you do NOT leave rude or hurtful comments. If you do not like an entry, don't vote for it. It's that simple.
  • I will be moderating the poll closely. If I suspect foul play, it will be reset.
  • The Entries are in order so Image 1 --> Entry 1 and so on.

    Happy Fangirling! <3
  • happy birthday nino..!!!

    Hello!! This is my first time posting to this community and i also join lj recently and i want to greet nino a happy birthday.!!! it is still june 17 here so even though it is 18th on japan  i will post this fanvid here..So this is my present for him it is not good but i think it is ok..hehehe..yoroshiku..!!!i sorry i am not good with computers and new to livejournal..please tell me if im wrong in my way of posting it here^_^

    (My Present for Nino)




    Hello there !!

    I'm not sure if theyre up already, but i thought i might as well put some of the HYD final photobook scans up since i got it this afternoon :)
    theres 53 of them :D
    i didnt do every single page though bkos i didnt have time and theyre not the best quality but oh well :)
     i made sure i put up the ones of jun matsumoto topless though !!

    They're at my LJ if you want them
    sky and baloons

    Happy Birthday Nino! Konseki Parody

    Since everyone made something for Nino-chan for his birthday, fuyu_rain  and me did something as well :D
    But I think it's a little different.. not a FanArt or a PhotoShopCreation or a FanVideo... but a Parody xD

    So~ please read this befor watching:

    There were little conflicts because of our last parody and we think some took it too serios.
    We don't make parodys to anger someone, we make them just for fun.
    We also now that we pick a very serious song for our parody.. We don't want to make fun of this song! It was just the performance which seemed hilarious to us ^^

    Please enjoy it:

    OhNoSatoshiReturns & AibaMasaker

    sorry, x-postet to arashi_on