June 18th, 2008

[ ohno satoshi / sakurai sho ] heart.

It's Kazu's Day

Sorry for being slightly late >.<"


And in celebration of his birthday, I made some icons~

[10] Nino
[10] Ohno
[12] Sho
[11] Aiba
[11] Matsujun
[3] Group

Comments are <3, and please credit duckii_mustang if using!
(If anyone wants these without brushes or text, or have a request, please feel free to ask ^^)
**Textless/brushless icons are not bases.

(Happy Birthday, Nino!)
二; nice beam radar

42 icons, 3 wallies!

 actually wanted to make more Nino icons, but I don't have time right now(EXAMSOMG), but I already posted a lot before Nino's bday(just see my journal)
Anyway, I bring you 42 arashi icons and 3 Nino wallies!

[08] Nino | [10] Ohno | [04] Aiba | [03] Sho | [07] Jun | [10] Couples/triples/group. 

[03] Nino

Preview(Icons only):

HERE are the icons and wallies

fan fan

Nino crying?

My sister won't believe I saw Nino crying on this talk show clip on YouTube.  I'm sure I saw this ages ago, but YouTube has taken it down.  I don't know the name of the show they were at.  They were pretty young (all 5 were there) and Nino was very moved by some video they had shown.  It was very shocking to see him cry like that, it's usually Aiba or Ohno, or even Jun.

Anyone know this clip, or knows where to find it now?    Seriously, she thinks I've made it all up!  XD