June 20th, 2008

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Arashi no Himitsu-chan SPOILERS (LQ)

I'm enjoying my TVU right now, last monday I saw Sho-kun in News Zero, as well as Arashi in Shukudai-kun,
I also watched Himitsu no Arashi-chan. I just thought that I was really lucky since most of the Arashi shows are at night, except for VS Arashi which I can watch since we are allowed not to come to office even if we had a 44 hour per week schedule. Next week will be start of my agony since I will be assigned to Brent - Manila which is located in Laguna. :( I have to get up 4:30 in the morning just to catch the 6:00 am shuttle.

I also read riavents' (sorry my LJ user icon is functioning poorly) post which made me sad. What's with the westener's. I am really sad to hear that indeed there is still discrimination. Is it because there are no boybands that last in America like there is in Japan. I'm soooo depressed right now. :(

But here's something to cheer you up! I just took this with my phone's camera so forgive me if this is too blurry. I can't do screen caps with TVU, so I just took it with my phone. Gomen ne~

I asked my Annie and Leah who it was but then the second pic was so deceiving ne. Talk about disguising. _____ and ______ dressed up to look differently from who they are just to go to fortune tellers to discover if they can foresee the future ne. The disguise made me *faint*. :)

To start (Do not click on the link yet. Can you tell me through comments who your guesses are? But then some the first picture is easy but the second is really confusing, isn't it, Leah? *giggles*

Can you guess who this is?

How about this one? 

Collapse )

Another thing is I'm too excited with Jun and Oshima's date since Tsukushi will be there.... Promotions for HYD Final ahihi ^_^

BTW, i just wanted to give rininjapan a huge
[see, it doesn't even fit (^_^)V]


Hi everyone.  Sorry to be a bother, but I was wondering if anyone knew where I could perhaps download some Arashi mp4 files for my iPod.  Like their music videos or something.  I kind of need something to entertain me on our 10 hour drive to Chicago in a couple weeks. 

I've been looking for the longest time and I actually found a couple links once, but then when I tried to go back I couldn't find it again.  If not then thats fine.  Thanks again!