July 1st, 2008

5x10 shark bait

Continuing Arashi's Storm Around the World

I went to Washington DC this weekend and they had an exhibit where you can sign a tire from one of the spaceships, which they painted in white and will donate to the Smithsonian; so of course I had to include some Arashi luv on there! ^_^ I was going to write A.RA.SHI A.RA.SHI FOR DREAM on there but my sister and I realized that it was rude to write over other's names so we concluded with a heart instead ^_^ Anywayz I just wanted to share one way Arashi luv is slowly being spread throughout America XP 

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Photobooks On Sale Sep. 30th

Arashi/Arashi 04150515  BOOK
1900 yen US$18/107.24  Release Date:2008/09/30
Description:Book detailing one month in the lives of Arashi!  See 30 days worth of the day-to-day for your favorite male idol group, then get a peek at one secret day in this stunning collection with photos.  Specs: A5-size.


Arashi/Pikanchi A to Z  BOOK
1900 yen US$18/107.24  Release Date:2008/09/30
Description:Photo collection from Arashi featuring shots taken during the filming of theatrical feature "Pikanchi" as well as character and episode introductions, and interviews.  Specs: A5-size.


Arashi/ARASHI Around Asia  BOOK
1900 yen US$18/107.24  Release Date:2008/09/30
Description:Photo book detailing male idol group Arashi's 2006 "Arashi Around Asia" tour.  See your favorite guys go on their first tour abroad wtih plenty of intriguing tidbits!  Specs: A5-size.


I know there are a lot of fans that missed out on the AAA book~ so now's their chance to grab it once again~. Gosh, even I don't have it. lol

we'll let it pass outside the door

Original [Maou] goods - on sale from 8/8 only at Lawson's!

As shown on this clip, the Japanese combini network Lawson is having a promotional sale of original [Maou] goods that can only be purchased through them. I went to check it out for myself (and of course get a few things for myself) and managed to pre-order some stuff (I won't be here when any of the goods are released, but luckily a British friend of mine who will be agreed to pick them up for me when they're out - Ilusm T'. <3).

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