July 6th, 2008

Looking for MAOU merchandise?

These items are available through LAWSON, the Japanese online shop, that sadly, does not ship items outside of Japan, however I-TM4U the shopping service can get you these and many more items for a VERY minimal commission.

Though very professional, this service is a small operation - they have often assisted JE fans in finding unique goods, as well as purchasing concert tickets to JE shows in Japan, after finding them, I don't shop through any other service for my JE and Gackt goods, which is why I am pimping them here.

here's the link: http://www.i-tm4u.biz/
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Icon nomination-awarding community!

With the permission from the mod. :)

Uhm, yeah. XD; I don't have a spiffy banner right now, but I'd like to ask you guys to join je_nomination! It's an icon-awarding community wherein fans nominate their most favorite icons throughout the fandom. :) More information in the profile.

We've just started with the first round nominations, so please join!


Please pimp us, as well! XD
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Maou Theme Song - Karaoke

While we're waiting for stormy_team to finish translating and encoding the first episode of Maou, I thought I'd share something I made that kept me up til 5:00 AM this morning. ^.^;; Special thanks to iruy for allowing me to use her translated lyrics!

Truth by Arashi - Theme Song from Maou [FanVid]

MU Link: Complete File (106.85 MB)

MF Links: 001 || 002
(Use HJSplit to join files together)

This is my first time taking a song and timing karaoke subtitles to it, so please forgive the quality. ^.^;;

P.S. Shout out to erotopia37564 for posting 1,313 screencaps from the first episode. o.o;; I made my new avie from one of 'em. :)
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Nino in Maou :3

Here's part of Nino's very brief appearance in Maou. Ohhh how exciting. ^o^

Credit for RAW file goes to suboshiyui @ ourhour

See some stills and read my review HERE at my lj

I also posted some more Arashi animations yesterday, so check those out if you're interested.

Was anyone lucky enough to go to any of the Arashi concerts recently? If so, I envy you.
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Can it really be?!

So I heard a rumor from a friend saying that Arashi is going to be doing a concert in LA this summer...! No idea where this news came from, so I was wondering if anyone else has heard this? I kind of doubt that it's true, but I'd really really like to believe it. XD

I'm not sure how to tag this, sorry. ^_^''

EDIT: The general consensus is that it's highly unlikely. I guess us West Coast Arashi fans will have to keep on hoping for now!
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