July 8th, 2008

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hi, i'm a new arashi fan (jun-baited)!!

hi everyone!

so i don't really have any arashi anything to offer you guys at the moment... but i recently became REALLY obsessed with arashi (especially matsujun <3) and i'm in japan now for approximately the next month. here's my question: can somebody tell me the airtimes (what day of the week & what time) of the regular arashi tv shows, like 'VS arashi' and 'arashi no shukudai kun', etc? that would be GREATLY appreciated so that i won't have to completely rely on the stuff online.

i'm excited to be part of this community! thank you in advance ^_^
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One Love question

Hi everyone! 

I don't know if this has been asked yet but since I got my LE copy of One Love, you know how it has that extra paper attachment thing on the 

side of the cd case? Well, I'm sure all of you who have a copy (and opened it) have seen the One Love ユーザコード. What is that for? I'm 

betting its for some kind of giveaway/contest that those of us who aren't in Japan cannot participate in but could someone confirm that? I've 

been curious about it and its starting to bother me lol! 

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Honestly i've been an Arashi fan since Step n Go. Just now i looked through some Arashi's songs, and I found some songs that really good, easy listening. I love it. Like Still and Snowflake from the single Happiness. The rhythm is calming and comforting. Natsu is almost over so I'm looking for Natsu no Namae and Natsu no Owari ni Omou Koto. Both of them is great too... Now I love Arashi even more and more. And i want you all to listen that songs too...